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Call Silverback Plumbing for expert main water line repair and replacement services. Leaks, breaks, you name it, we can fix that! 

Your main water line is the lifeline of your property. It ensures a steady supply of clean water for your daily needs. However, when issues emerge, it can lead to severe consequences, both for your property and your wallet. Silverback Plumbing in American Fork, UT has over 15 years’ experience in diagnosing various water line problems. There’s not much we haven’t seen and fixed.

Water Main Line Leak Repair

A water leak, no matter how small, can lead to significant water wastage and damage to your property. It can also result in increased water bills, as you're paying for water that's going to waste. Furthermore, water leaks can cause structural damage to your home, such as foundation problems and mold growth and lead to costly repairs and sky-high water bills.

Water Main Line Replacement

In cases where a water line is beyond repair, we provide water line replacement services. Our team will install a new, high-quality water line to ensure a reliable water supply for your property.

If your main water line is damaged or clogged, our team is well-equipped to handle the repairs. We will work diligently and with your municipality if necessary, to restore your water supply, ensuring you experience minimal disruption. 

Don't let water line problems disrupt your life – contact Silverback Plumbing today, and we'll ensure your water line issues are resolved with the utmost professionalism and care. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Diagram of house and where private and public water services lines are.
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